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The Flying Faders are a indie surf rock band that formed in early 2011 in Northern Maryland. Being landlocked never dissuaded them from soaking their music in heavy reverb to search for that surf sound.

Most of the members have been (or are currently in) various other projects for 15+ years bringing a unique and special homegrown chemistry to the genre. With their 2nd vinyl release of “Tectonic Shifts(self released 2019) and their first release “No Sweat(Wallride Records 2014) and 40+ covers under their belt they are ready to play for you.


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STORM SURGE OF REVERB – 2018 Southern Surf Stompfest Review

Chad is a big champion of The Flying Faders saying he thinks their LP is one of the best surf albums in the past 10 years. While I enjoy it, I certainly don’t share that level of enthusiasm, but I definitely wanted to see if I could see what he’s seeing. First of all, love the way they’ve decked out their amps and the bear’s pretty cool too.

When they started playing, I certainly think Chad was onto something. He described a sort of sweet sadness to them, sort of like Pet Sounds (and as I noted in my head, sorta like his own band) and I heard it and was certainly soaking it up. But they also had that sharp edge, which meant that they can have a sound that at times gave me very light shades of shoegaze and yet they could pull off a great cover of an Apemen tune (“Surf Dracula”, one of my favorites!). They’re one of those bands where the guitarists are trading off flashy melodies so frequently that it’s hard to call anybody “lead”. I think I need to go back and listen to their LP again because I was certainly feeling it.

WALLRIDE RECORDS – Review of No Sweat

The Rhythms ride the dark waves in. The salty beach licks are here to stay. Tropical Depression has settled in, and you have no where to be. Central Maryland’s The Flying Faders have you covered. The catchiest surf sounds you can hook, smothered over 2 sides of warm white pearl Wax (not to be used for your board…). 10 Original tracks including a nod to Wall Ride legends The Sw!ms, you’re ready!



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